Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition for Downside Up

OLMA Team Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition for Downside Up CharityIn 2015, the OLMA team in France raised funds for the Downside Up charity through a Mount Kilimanjaro expedition.

Downside Up is a Moscow organization that assists and provides support and advice for Russian families who are raising children with Down syndrome. Downside Up develops innovative child training and parent support methods, disseminates knowledge and experience among Russian professionals, and works to raise public awareness about Down syndrome with the aim of changing attitudes. Downside Up provides all of its programmes to families free of charge.

This initiative was inspired when the OLMA team in France learned about Downside Up when Jeremy mentioned that he was going to Mount Kilimanjaro in October this year. After the team insisted to know why, he explained that he had challenged himself to climb Mount Kilimanjaro year after year to raise money and awareness for his charity. He stated that this personal challenge, to climb Africa’s highest mountain, is nothing compared to the daily struggle felt by the Russian children with Down Syndrome. The OLMA team decided to share Jeremy’s challenge to help him and his charity. Together, we decided that this year, we would climb the mountain alongside him. Each team member that accompanies Jeremy to climb commits to raising $1,500 per person for Downside Up.

The OLMA team financed their own travel and expenses for the Mount Kilimanjaro expedition and each committed to inform and involve their friends and acquaintances about the Downside Up charity and raise $1500 that entirely went to Downside Up. OLMA also agreed to match every donation raised, doubling the impact of the team efforts.